Project closing process for the team

Project closing process for the team
The project closing process is an essential phase of a project. It ensures that the project team completes all work, documents them, and gets approval from stakeholders, before closing the project officially. Here are the steps for the project closing process for the team:
  1. Complete all project work:
    Ensure that the project team completes all project deliverables as per the project plan and wraps up any pending work.
  2. Confirm acceptance:
    Confirm that stakeholders accept all deliverables from the team. Team also need to document and resolve stakeholders feedback.
  3. Handover and closure:
    Ensure that the team hands over all deliverables to the stakeholders. Also, team has to archive all project-related documents in a centralized location.
  4. Evaluate project performance:
    Evaluate the project’s performance to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may impact future projects.
  5. Conduct a lessons learned session:
    Schedule a session with the team to discuss lessons learned and document them to improve future project performance.
  6. Celebrate the success:
    Celebrate the success of the project and acknowledge the hard work of the team members.
  7. Update stakeholders:
    Inform stakeholders of the project’s completion, its success, and the team’s contribution to the project.
  8. Closeout:
    Closeout the project by submitting the final project report, final invoices, and any other required documentation.
By following these steps, the project team can ensure that the project is successfully closed, and that all project work is completed and documented for future reference.

Retrospective Meetings

  • Retrospectives encourage team building by allowing team members to understand differing perspectives.
  • Retrospectives facilitate improved collaboration on future projects.
  • Retrospectives promote positive changes in future procedures and processes.
  • Retrospectives are a critical part of closing a project.
  • It is important to solicit feedback from team members during a retrospective.
  • It is important to create a safe space for feedback so that team members can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts.
  • It is important to recognize and celebrate a job well done.
  • Celebrating a job well done can help to improve team morale and encourage continuous growth.
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