Project Planning

Risk Management

Table of contents Risk Management in Project Management Risk management is an important part of project planning. It involves a proactive process of identifying potential risks that could impact the project, assessing the extent of the impact, and developing a mitigation plan to arrest those risks. Though done during the planning phase, risk management is

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Project Budget

Table of contents Project Budget A project budget is a detailed financial plan that encompasses all the expenses necessary to execute a project. It plays a vital role in project management. It enables project managers to effectively allocate resources and ensure that the project is completed within the given funds. A project budget is a

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Kanban Board

Table of contents Kanban Board Kanban, a popular project management tool originating from Japan, is widely used by organizations worldwide. It efficiently manages tasks and workflows through visual representation. A Kanban board serves as a visual tool, enabling teams to track ongoing work as tasks progress through different stages represented by columns. To create a

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Project Milestones

table of contents Project Milestones and Tasks The project milestones are significant events or accomplishments that mark the progress of a project. They are usually the major checkpoints in the project timeline that indicate that the project has completed a significant portion of the work. Stakeholders typically use milestones to monitor progress and communicate important

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Procurement in Project Management

Table of contents Procurement in Project Management In project management, procurement purchases all the goods, services, and supplies for the project manager to finish the project. The project managers approach vendors to purchase resources. Vendors are people or companies that offer necessary goods and services. Vendor management involves researching and sourcing vendors. Procurement in project

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